Vauxhall AGM 2017

The 2017 Vauxhall AGM will be held on Thursday 30th November 2017, 7pm. Doors Open from 6.30pm

Keep an eye on this site as more info will be added over the coming weeks, including details of your local branch AGM, where you can run to be a GC delegate to the main Vauxhall CLP Meetings, more about what that means below.


Branch Role Holder Descriptions

Taking on responsibility at a branch level can be one of the most rewarding parts of being a Labour Party member, and gives you the opportunity to really get involved with what is going on in your local community, plan campaigns on issues that directly affect you and your neighbours and a unique opportunity to work really closely with your three excellent local Labour Councillors. 

"GC"? ...errrr What is the GC? 

The GC or General Committee of the Constituency Labour Party is made up of delegates from Labour Party branches and affiliated trade unions. Its role is to provide leadership and organisation to the Labour Party in that particular constituency. 

At Vauxhall CLP monthly meetings, it is GC Delegates who are able to vote on motions and in other elections (such as those for conference delegates) held as and when. If you wish to run for election to a CLP Officer role, you must be a GC Delegate.

Cool got it - So when is my Branch AGM?

Prince’s  – November 1st – 7pm – St Anselm’s Church Hall, Kennington Cross (side entrance on Sancroft Street, SE11)
Stockwell – November 9th – 7pm – Landsdowne Centre, 280 South Lambeth Road, SW8 1UJ
Ferndale  – November 9th - 7.30pm – PAPAS Park Community Centre, 10-17 Pulross Road, SW9 8AF
Bishop’s – November 14– 7pm – Edward Henry House Co-op, Cornwall Road, SE1
Clapham Town – November 14th –7.30pm – Greene Room, the Omnibus, 1 Clapham Common North Side, SW4 0QW
Oval – November 14th - 7pm – Kennington Park Estate Community Centre, Harleyford St, SE11 5SY
Vassall – November 14th – 7.30pm – Myatt’s Field South Community Hall, at Evandale Road end of Burton Lane,
Larkhall – November 16th – 7.30pm – Fenwick Hall, 128 Willington Road, SW9 9ND

CLP Role Holder Descriptions

The next stage up in the Labour Party hierarchy is getting involved at CLP level. Much like your branches, as a CLP officer you get to do more across a wider area and there are plenty of opportunities to work with neighbouring CLPs or Londonwide and in some cases, due to our proximity to Westminster the chance to influence and make connections at a national level too. 

Below you can find out more about what becoming a role holder entails including the key tasks for your term in office, the role you will play in meetings and advice on any further training. You will need to be logged on to MembersNet to access these links - head to to log-on.    



When is it again?

The Vauxhall Labour Party will be having their Branch Labour Party (BLP) AGMs on throughout November 2017 (see above for exact dates) and their Constituency Labour (CLP) AGM on Thursday 30th November, 7pm, Stockwell Community Centre.

What is the difference between ward and branch?

In Vauxhall all branches (BLPs) are based on the ward where you live. Some areas in the UK have branches based on different boundaries. So in Vauxhall there is no difference.

Can I choose what branch I belong to?

No, you are automatically assigned to the branch by the ward you live in. You will not be allowed to participate if you turn up to another branch.

BLP, CLP... come again?

A BLP (Branch Labour Party) is based on your ward. A CLP (Constituency Labour Party) is based on our Parliamentary constituency. 

Who is allowed to vote at the CLP AGM?

The Vauxhall CLP operates a GC delegates structure. Each branch (ward) or affiliated organisation has elected members to represent them on the Vauxhall General Committee (GC), these members are known as GC delegates. Only GC delegates are able to stand and/or vote at the CLP AGM.

I have not received notice about my BLP AGM yet

Notice is due 7 days before the BLP AGM. If you have not received notice 7 days before your AGM, please contact as there could be something wrong on our database. 

Do you have ID checks?

Yes. The Labour Party rules are very clear that all members who take part in Branch AGMs must be a fully paid up member living in the ward. 

A 'fully paid up member' is someone who is not in arrears on the day of the AGM. Please clear any arrears you may have at least 7 days prior to the meeting to ensure that the payment is processed on time. 

To ensure all members meet this rule, members are required to bring ID to the meeting and show this to the Branch Secretary when you arrive. 

You are required to bring identification that proves:

  • You are a member (Labour Party Membership Card)
  • You are the member whose name appears on the card (Driving Licence, Passport, Work ID, Something with your name and face)

What if I am late?

If you are late you will be unable to participate in a ballot which has already begun, you can vote in the next one. (i.e. if you walk in mid way when they are electing the Chair, you have to wait until that is complete to vote for the next position).

Are children allowed?

Yes. There is no crèche, but you can bring your child/children.

Can I vote by proxy or email?

No, to vote in a Branch or a CLP AGM you have to be present. 

I am in arrears, can I still participate?

If you are in arrears you will not be allowed to participate in the AGM. You can pay your outstanding dues on the night in cash (although it is strongly preferred that you do so online at least one week before your AGM so it can be processed in time, and random cash isn't floating around)

How do I stand for a CLP Executive Officer position?

To stand for one of these positions, you MUST be nominated by at least one branch. If you wish to be considered for nomination by branches other than your own, please Inform the CLP Secretary here, and he will inform all branch secretaries on your behalf. You may submit a short statement of up to 250 words. 

If I stand for a position will I get training?

Yes. The Labour party regionally and nationally provide free training, including webinars. 

I have been nominated for a CLP position and I don't want to do it

When the CLP Secretary receives all of the nominations from branches, he will email those nominated to ask if they accept the nomination. You can of course decline or withdraw. 





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